Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson appeared on “Access Hollywood” this morning to promote her ‘Happy Christmas’ album in stores now. Billy Bush and Kat Hoover questioned the beautiful blonde about her future baby plans. Her response,
“I definately see myself having a family with him (her finacee former NFL star Eric Johnson) so that’s exciting to think about.” Where are the Simpson’s spending their Turkey Day you ask…”We’re gonna be in New York.I get to be on a float for three hours for three miles.”

The Royal Engagement

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 16:  Prince William...
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Prince William finally popped the question to his on again off again girlfriend of nine years, Kate Middleton.  What was once Diana’s saphire engagement ring now resides on the finger of the beautiful brunette.  Kate was happy they didn’t rush into the engagement and was quoted saying, “I’m glad that I had time to grow and understand myself.”  Earlier today on “The View” Joy Behar shed some humour stating, “he’ll have osteoporosis before he’s king,” referring to Prince William.  Congratulations are in order for The Royal Family.

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Public Figures Speak Out Against Bullying

An article came across my email inbox this morning that really struck a cord with me.  A man who needs no introduction, Mr. Jim Carrey recently completed an interview with MTV. The topic at hand, teen bullying.

Carrey  plays a closeted gay man in upcoming ‘I Love You Phillip Morris,’ due to hit theaters on December 3 and says ‘to feel like an outcast is a terrible thing.’

I love You Phillip Morris poster

See below for Snippet.

Jim Carrey Calls Anyone Who Bullies ‘No Friend Of Mine’

“This is a horrible thing to be bullied, and to feel like an outcast is a terrible thing,” Carrey told us. “It’s just so an old thing, an old antiquated way of thinking that you can’t have anymore. It doesn’t belong in the new paradigm.
Carrey confessed he often felt like an outsider while growing up, but found “little tricks” to make himself popular. Now an A-list actor working in Hollywood, he’s found himself collaborating with movie industry insiders, some of whom are gays and lesbians – a situation that many bullying teens will also experience in the future. For that reason, at the very least, Carrey said teens would be wise to treat everyone with respect, regardless of any perceived differences.
To view complete article see below.

Jim Carrey Calls Anyone Who Bullies ‘No Friend Of Mine’
Star plays a closeted gay man in upcoming ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’

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