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Celeb Style Tips! Don’t Let Your Hair Get the Winter Blahs

Keep those locks looking luscious!

-Valerie Greenberg

Dianna Agron

Regardless of what type of hair you have — straight or curly, thick or thin, long or short — one thing is certain: this winter weather can be wearing. In order to give you the tips you need to tame your tresses, I caught up with Salon Grafix celebrity hair stylist Gregory Alan (, whose clients include gorgeous Dianna Agron of Glee and her sexy co-hort Lea Michele. Gregory was kind enough to share with us his insight on how to keep your hair healthy and conditioned in this winter weather — plus he weighed in on what we’ve been seeing from stars on the red carpet this awards season.

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“What we are seeing now are a lot of women wanting straight hair. We are not fighting humidity elements that we would during the summer months which is an added bonus. A great method to attain this that goal is with the Brazilian keratin treatment which cuts down styling time. In terms of product salon grafix 450 heat protectant spray should be used to prevent damage. It’s the only product on the market that protects the hair up to 450 degrees. It leaves the hair soft, silky and sexy while keeping it well cushioned and protected.”

These gorgeous girls are pretty much flawless and here is what Gregory had to say about their award season style:

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman‘s French twist was a timesless look on a classic beauty.”

Next: Megan Fox mixes it up!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox went old Hollywood glam done in a modern manner.”

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Dianna Agron

Glee‘s Dianna Agron has naturally beautiful photo finished hair. She has lots of moisture with smooth flowing locks.”

Jennifer Lopez

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez always presents herself in a sexy sophisticated fashion whether its a sleek pony tail or an incredible updo she always looks flawless.”

Next: Olivia Wilde’s flirty bangs

Olivia Wilde

“Golden Globe presenter Olivia Wilde graced the stage with a fun and flirty trend known as the fringe look as did Oscar winner Sandra Bullock.”

If YOU want to shine like the stars follow these tips:

Sure a hot shower feels fabulous but rinsing your hair with cool water helps to keep your cuticles closed. It also preserves you hair coloring from fading.

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Be sure to put a protective nozel over your blower. This type of attachment helps make hair shinier and smoother while simultaneously protecting it from getting burned.

Don’t wash your hair everyday and it will increase the overall appearance.

Haste makes waste ladies or shall I say Bettys. Sure it may be quicker to brush through your wet mane with bristles but this causes breakage. Take the time to grab a wide tooth comb instead.

How should one avoid a dry scalp you ask? By applying peppermint pure extract or tea tree oil to shampoo which serves to invigorate and cleanse the scalp.

Oils such as almond, avocado, olive and rosemary can be mixed with honey and used on the hair to restore the moisture.

Gregory Alan recommends Moroccan Oil. Famous fans include blond bombshell Elisabeth Hasselbeck who proclaimed on The View it’s a product she owes the health of her hair to because she’s been bleaching it for so many years.

Elisabeth, as someone who frequently changes her hair color, I certainly agree!

Valerie GreenbergValerie Greenberg is an on-air correspondent / media personality who has worked with celebrities all across the board. At the Tony Awards she was the only print journalist to successfully stop Oprah on the red carpet! Most recently she created and hosted her own one hour show called “Fashion Grind,” highlighting celebrity fashion. She has appeared on Fox News’ Strategy Room, Associated Press Television, The Broadway Channel and been included in publications such as Business Week, NY Daily News (Gatecrasher) and Us Weekly. Visit her at

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