eVALuation Time! Greenwich Steakhouse Has Something To Brag About!


I had the privilege of trying a new restaurant in Greenwich Village last week called Greenwich Steakhouse and I must say it would be the perfect place to go for Valentines Day no matter who you are celebrating with. Whether this means a GALentines outing, dinner with your longtime lover, new BF or even on your own for some self love time. The service was impeccable. One of my biggest issues with NYC restuarants is when your neighbors’ table is right on top of yours. This makes it difficult for privacy and sometimes even lifting your elbow to actually put the food in your mouth.  Let’s just say we had a corner table with plush seats and lots of room. Upon arrival after being greeted with such a warm welcome I noticed just how chic and inviting the interior was.  Comfortable booths, a spacious bar and several levels for anyone that wanted entertain a large group.

Every item on the menu I asked about was described swiftly in great detail and not once did I have to look to catch someone’s eye to clear my plate or poor me some red vino.  The steak was aged and cooked to perfection. I got the rib eye for two which my guest and I absolutely salivated over. There is no feeling of pretentiousness like you might get at other steakhouses. It’s a very comfortable environment. My eVALuation is Greenwhich Steakhouse YouvebeenVALidated. I love this hip neighborhood and the variety of items on the menu make it easy to please anyone’s palate even if diet restrictions are in place.

Be sure to visit their site to make a reso and have your delicious dining experince.

Greenwich Steakhouse

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