Cele-Beauty Quotes

At Fashion Week I have the opportunity to speak to celebrities and fashionistas about everything from their beauty regimen,  likes and dislikes, personal style and upcoming projects!  I thought I’d share with you a short quote sheet that I have compiled from interviewing over the years.  Don’t you want to know the beauty tricks that Eva Mendes and Mariah have told me about? Shockingly they aren’t as complicated as we think they may be. Here at valeriegreenberg.com I will keep you in the know.  Continue checking back to hear insider tips celebs share with me.

“Sleep is a wonderful commodity.”

-Mariah Carey

“Water is the best thing you can do for your skin, for your body, for everything actually.”

-Eva Mendes

“I do like yoga.”  “I find it very relaxing.”

-Scarlett J

“I think it’s fun to try things out and experience things red, brown hair, black hair whatever it may be.”

-Ashlee Simpson