Entertaining Al Fresco with Lifestyle Expert Valerie Greenberg

Want to make your own ice cream cake without an ice cream maker? You can also grow your own colorful vegetable gardens whether in the city or the suburbs. YouvebeenVALidated! Here’s how thanks to http://thecuriouscreamery and http://burbeehomegardens.com

Picnic Perfection with Zipz

Close out this summer with one of my favorite new entertaining tools—Zipz! Pack your party. Zipz is ideal for any on the go celebration or outdoor festivity. zipz1

Lightweight, delicious and made from 100 % recyclable material this beverage has definitely been VALidated! Comes in Merlot, Cab Sauv, Pino and Chard catering to many different taste preferences.  Get the goods at http://www.zipzwine.com/zipz2

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