Solange’s Attack!

I had such a blast being able to give my thoughts on Pix 11 News regarding  Solange’s attack on Jay Z.  B’s baby sis has certainly made a name for herself and it wasn’t done in a lady like manner. By now the viral video compliments to a leak at The Standard Hotel in NYC may have made it’s way to another planet it’s so popular. Beyonce indirectly made a statement by posting pictures of her and Solange on social media this morning.  They are a close family and I am confident that they will work through whatever issues that have beenbuilding up to get to the point of physical violence against the “best rapper alive.”

On the set at Pix11
On the set at Pix11

Jay Z on drug dealing in Vanity Fair!

JayzJay Z is opening up to Vanity Fair about his days as a crack dealer. The 43 year old rapper-family man is worth an estimated $475 million according to Forbes. So what career path would this mogul have chosen if he wasn’t to go down the road of international stardom? Well he would have become a barber or washed cars to make a living.

Jay is one of the most down to earth celebrities I have had the pleasure of meeting on multiple occasions. Even before he was a dad it was evident how much love he had for children when I met him at a relative’s birthday party at FAO Schwartz. Let’s just say Jay Z we applaud you and YouvebeenVALidated!

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