You’ve Been VALidated to Treat Yourself Tuesday

Today is Treat Yourself Tuesday!  And just like last week and the weeks to come…You’ve Been VALidated to indulge in something that will put a smile on your face.  Buy that blouse you have been eyeing at Bloomies. Sign up for guitar lessons because you have always wanted to learn how to play.  The bottom line is just give yourself a break and go for it!  I wouldn’t normally say to follow Bieber’s behavior but as seen in the image below he’s treating himself to a tan. While walking around with his shirt off has become far too much of a common practice for the teen tycoon, today he get’s a free pass because You’ve Been VALidated to Treat Yourself Tuesday. How will you treat yourself today? Post in the comments below.


You’ve Been VALidated to Meditate Monday

The weekend was too short as usual and our work week has begun.  In the hectic world we live in many turn to meditation to relieve stress and anxiety including Hollywood A-Listers. Heather Graham, Eva Mendes and Oprah Winfrey  all meditate to maintain a balanced and centered lifestyle and you can too!  Take a minute and think about how you can achieve that feeling of Zen.

Eva Mendes     Heather G         Oprah

You’ve Been VALidated to Treat Yourself Tuesday!

Between the royal baby being born weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds, 6 ounces
Kate and Will and Hollywood royalty Penelope Cruz giving birth there is a lot to celebrate.

So think of today as a time to splurge. You made it through what I like to call “The Mondays” so it is time to reward yourself. Whether it’s simply adding oreos to the top of your fro-yo or as extravagant as booking the dream vacay you’ve always imagined, today is the day to do it!

I’d love for you to share with me and the rest of our viewers on what you decide to treat yourself to in the comments section. Remember…You’ve Been VALidated!

New Media Stew Live from YouTube Studios Next Lab

Hi Guys,
Fitness Made Simple’s John Basedow had me on to co-host his live/interactive show yesterday “New Media Stew” where we talk about Pet Peeves. I feel just like Kelly Ripa:) RHONY’s Aviva Drescher was our surprise call in celeb guest where we touched on the tragedy in Boston.

Aviva opens up about how she and her charity One Step Ahead are here to help those who lost limbs in this act of terror. For more information visit her website

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