Associated Supermarket Experience

I had lunch with my stylist today and wow what a story for you!!! After a lovely Thai lunch special in the E. Village we went to Associated Supermarket to pick up some dessert. All we wanted were ice cream sandwiches what we got was a future storyline for an episode of “Modern Family.” The express line didn’t take debit cards, which we were told after waiting of course. The store was packed and the cashiers constantly walked away from their registers. Once it was my turn in the regular line they rung me up and I then had to walk over to management for them to charge my card because their systems were down. It didn’t stop there…then I had to walk back to the line to pick up the product. Something so simple turned complicated sheesh hehe.

Steve Schirripa Stars in “The Hungry Ghosts”

Steve Schirripa stars in Michael Imperioli’s “The Hungry Ghosts” opening today in Manhattan. Feel free to watch my one-on-one interview with Steve on the On-Air Celebrity Interviews Page. The Sopranos star opens up about his role in Clint Eastwood’s new film “Hereafter” starring the incredible Matt Damon.

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