Brad Pitt’s Pretty Face Punched!

The lunatic that most recently punched Brad Pitt, also crawled under America Ferrera’s dress at Cannes and kissed Will Smith on a red carpet.  I’m confident that after his arrest he will no longer be able to get credentialed as a member of the media.  I just find it hard to understand how he was able to pull so many stunts and still be welcomed to cover Hollywood’s hottest events where A-Listers are in attendance.  My advice to Vitalii Sediuk, the 25 year old so called journalist is to get some counseling and find a new career.  Pitt is certainly a professional as he just went back to signing autographs. Vitalii has not been VALidated!


Solange’s Attack!

I had such a blast being able to give my thoughts on Pix 11 News regarding  Solange’s attack on Jay Z.  B’s baby sis has certainly made a name for herself and it wasn’t done in a lady like manner. By now the viral video compliments to a leak at The Standard Hotel in NYC may have made it’s way to another planet it’s so popular. Beyonce indirectly made a statement by posting pictures of her and Solange on social media this morning.  They are a close family and I am confident that they will work through whatever issues that have beenbuilding up to get to the point of physical violence against the “best rapper alive.”

On the set at Pix11
On the set at Pix11

Met Gala Magnificence!

There was more to celebrate than just Cinco de Mayo on May 5th. Everyone who is anyone in Hollywood came out for Anna Wintour’s Met Gala in the Big Apple. A combination of elegance, fashion and fierceness sprinkled with some mistakes walked the red carpet. And I’d love for you to share whose look you Validate and which ones you would Veto. Here are some pics to chose from.

       Rachel McAdams                           Blake Lively                         Vic Beckham

Rachel McAdams  Blake Lively VicBeckham

                        SJP                                    Shailene Woodley

SJP Shailene

               Kate Upton






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