Emmy’s Excitement

I’ve spent my fair share of time on red carpets interviewing television stars this past year and with the countdown coming to a close the excitement for tonight’s show grows.  There are many ladies that deserve kudos for their hard work on the small screen some of which you will see below.  Dascha Polanco, Katrina Bowden and Allison Williams.  Who are you most excited to see attend this glamour packed celebration? Ready set go!



Supernova-Presented by Jimmy Lloyd and Heidi Merrill

Musical minds and entrepreneurial go getters gathered in NYC this past week to create a forum for bands to showcase their talent and support each other’s hard work and perseverance.  I had the pleasure of MCing and introducing the talent live.  Slake NYC was the perfect venue for the festivities presented by The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase and the fabulous Heidi Merrill.  All of  the incredible performances will air on The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase broadcasting on Amazon and Comcast.  Marta Pacek, Heidi Merril, The BlackFires, The VeeVees and Lindsay Katt all deserve major props for their outstanding performances.  This is the first Supernova of many to come so keep your eyes open and be a part of the next event.


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