Justin Bieber and Bruce Jenner Transforming???

I recently sat down with the Pix11 News team to discuss Bieber’s change in behavior and Jenner’s transitioning into a female. Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.  An added bonus was that I got to hang with the newly crowned Ms. Universe Paulina Vega before my segment:)





Solange’s Attack!

I had such a blast being able to give my thoughts on Pix 11 News regarding  Solange’s attack on Jay Z.  B’s baby sis has certainly made a name for herself and it wasn’t done in a lady like manner. By now the viral video compliments to a leak at The Standard Hotel in NYC may have made it’s way to another planet it’s so popular. Beyonce indirectly made a statement by posting pictures of her and Solange on social media this morning.  They are a close family and I am confident that they will work through whatever issues that have beenbuilding up to get to the point of physical violence against the “best rapper alive.”

On the set at Pix11
On the set at Pix11
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