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Spring Self Care VALidated Tips

There’s no better time than the season of new beginnings to hit the refresh button. I’ve partnered with some great brands to help you feel better, look healthier, and be happier.

Let’s start with our skin. Transitioning into a new season can really take a toll on our skin. More often than not, our skin gets really dry in the springtime, and with the warmer weather approaching, we want to make sure our skin looks and feels healthy. However, if you have sensitive skin, finding a brand that doesn’t irritate your skin can be tough. Kamedis is a great solution because their products are dermatologically tested, clinically proven, and botanically based to help treat chronic skin conditions like eczema, acne and dandruff. If you suffer from eczema or dry skin, you should check out their Eczema Therapy Cream. This botanically rich formula delivers skin changing results, like reducing flare-ups by 50% in 2 weeks.

This moisturizing cream is free of steroids and other undesirable ingredients and the botanicals work to improve your skin’s balance for long term relief and healthier looking skin. With the turn of the season, there is an increase in allergies and seasonal skin conditions, like dandruff.  Kamedis packs a one-two punch with their Dandruff Therapy Scalp Lotion and Shampoo. Start with the scalp lotion and use it overnight or prior to shampooing to soothe and relieve itchy, irritated scalp. The dandruff shampoo has proven botanicals that work with your scalp to help restore its natural, healthy state.

If you suffer from allergies, you’re not alone! More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. The main causes of spring allergies are tree pollen, grass pollen, mold and dust mites. That’s why if you have allergies, it’s important to treat your symptoms every day. Most allergy pills don’t relieve nasal congestion, but FLONASE works directly in the nose to relieve the worst allergy symptoms, including nasal congestion, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and runny nose when taken once daily. FLONASE products help block six allergic substances that cause bothersome allergy symptoms caused by pollen, mold, dust, and pet dander.

 Taking a collagen supplement with BioCell as an ingredient has clinically proven to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness – Plus it increases skin collagen Types I, II, III. BioCell Collagen contains a unique matrix of hydrolyzed collagen type two, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate. BioCell Collagen can be found in a variety of trusted supplements, just look for the logo.


To find out more about the brands, please check out their websites:









Pop Culture/Lifestyle Expert, Media Personality and On Air Host 

From the latest red carpet buzz to introducing innovative ideas to improve your lifestyle, Valerie Greenberg is an expert on pop culture and what’s trending. Valerie has interviewed an impressive roster of A-List celebrities some of which include: Howard Stern, The Late Joan Rivers, Rosario Dawson, Adrian Grenier, Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and Amare Stoudemire. At the Tony Awards upon her first days working as a stringer reporter for Us Weekly, she was the sole print journalist to successfully interview Oprah on the red carpet.  Since then she has evolved into a media maven who is committed to creating powerful, inspiring and confidence boosting content, which is how she came up with her business and motto…YouvebeenVALidated.

She regularly hosts women entrepreneurial live events such as The Women In Toys Gala held in New York City honoring women toy makers and licensees as well as in-store events for luxury brands such as Swarovski (a fan favorite of many celebs) and concerts for musicians looking to make their mark in the Big Apple. Known for her unique ability to introduce, connect and give access to consumers to the latest Luxe for Less beauty, fashion and lifestyle products and diy trends, Greenberg is also a QVC approved guest.

She regularly appears on television news and lifestyle programs around the country, sharing her entertainment know-how, highlighting the hottest trends and problem solving solutions. You can catch her on The Wendy Williams Show, Inside Edition, Amazon, Pix 11 News, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal’s digital platform, CBS This Morning, New York Live and Associated Press Television.  She’s also guest co-hosted the podcast produced by IHEART Radio’s Elvis Duran called Celebrity Buzz starring Rob Shuter and Garrett Vo from Z100.

She has been featured in and contributed to publications such as Business Week, The New York Daily News, Us Weekly, In Touch Weekly, Life and Style Weekly, Daily Mail, Yahoo News and AOL. Visit her at http://youvebeenvalidated.com

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